What is the weight of the bins?Outer bin – 1kg
Inner bin – 400g
Basket – 200g
Do the bins have recycled content?Yes as much as possible to maintain the Bin stability. Recycled content varies by bin colour, but at least 30% of the resin is recycled.
Are the Bins Australian made?Yes, they are manufactured in Sydney, patented and trademarked in Australasia, USA, UK and Germany
How are they made?Using injection moulding technology
Are they easily emptied?The outer bin incorportes a carrying handle for easily lifting and tipping into a larger mobile garbage bin. The carrying handle also accomodates the hanging basket when in use.
What colours are available?Any colour can be produced, however non-standard colours have a minimum order quantitiy of 800 units. Standard colours are Inners: Black, Blue, Dark Green, Burgundy, Red, Orange, Yellow
Outers: Black, Blue
Can I order a custom bin?Yes, customisation is available on the outer bin and hanging basket. Customers often ask for company logos, recycling logos, recycling procedures etc. Minimum orders apply and are subject to graphics
What are the dimensions?The bin footprint is the slighly larger than a A4 piece of paper, and size 280W x 320D x 320H (mm)
Are the bins washable?Yes, they are easily cleaned and washed.
Bin stackingThe 3-in-1 Bins are designed to stack easily within each other when empty
Is there a minimum order?We recommend purchasing multiples of 6 sets at a time (one carton)
How are the bins packaged?Six full or individual sets per carton is recommended for transport and storage. Cartons are 50 x 33 x 48cm (22 x 13 x 21 inches). Total 3 x cartons = 25kgs
– Export / ShippingDesigned to maximise an export shipping container on standard size pallets 1165 x 1165 x 150 mm high. 20 pallets / TEU = 2880 bins per 20ft container


Whether delivery is local or international, all freight charges are calculated at the time of quotation with a repuatble courier company

– Pallets1 pallet optimally carries 24 cartons (144 sets) or bulk stacked and shrinkwrapped 288 sets.
A loaded pallet is 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 metres with conditions
WarrantyFull original manufacturer conditions and transit warranty
WeightThe net bin weight is 1.2kg, whilst its load capacity is 7.5kg
VolumeThe outer bin has a 13.5 litre capacity, whilst the inner bin is 8.5 litres


End uses for Outer BinRecycling Paper – Beverage – General Waste – Car Boot Storage – Archives – Toy Box
End uses for Inner BinRecycling beverage containers – Paint Tray – Good – Organics – Tools
End uses Hanging BasketFood – Organics – Mobile phones – Batteries – Clothes Pegs – Pens & Clips – Plastic bags


Outdoor useFully eco friendly for heavy duty uses
Bin LinersAll bins accept standard bin liners
Cleaner friendlyCleaning times are proven to be reduced
MGB yieldsImproved due to source separation

Content weights are compliant to OH&S requirements

RecyclingProcessing times are reduced and quality is improved from source separation
Recycling Case StudiesPlease see Links or Education
TestimonialsReferences are available, please see Links. The recycling bins are used by all types of offices and public spaces.
Why Recycle?Please see Links or Education
Office Recycling best practicePlease see Links or Education
LandfillSubstantially reduced or eliminated through source separation, saving the environment and your money.
MultipurposeA true 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 multipurpose recycling bin