Multi-Purpose Recycling Bins for the Office

The under desk multi-purpose recycling bin is an efficient container for office recycling programs that replaces conventional under desk waste bins and cardboard boxes. It has two compartments for easy source separation of waste from recyclable office paper.
Inner bin available in various colours - Minimum quantities apply.

For Office Recycling

This multi-purpose under or desk side waste paper recycling bin replaces non durable cardboard boxes, food waste recycling and beverage recycling bins in one convenient A4 office recycling receptacle. This Australian designed, eco friendly recycling bin reduces cleaning time, is washable and hygienic as a multi-purpose recycling bin.


Australian made Recycling bins - Multi-Purpose for office and home for bottles, paper and rubbish recycling
  • Reduces contamination of recyclable materials
  • Compact design and footprint, a similar size to conventional under desk bins
  • Australian made, manufactured with up to 40% recycled content polypropylene
  • Optional Accessory - Hanging waste basket available in black

For Home Recycling

The 2 or 3 in 1 all-purpose eco recycling bin is available in various colours to separate food recycling, battery recycling, beverage containers recycling and paper recycling. Designed to hold used super market checkout bags for easy rubbish removal.